Welcome to Drawn Archery. My family and I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

If you don’t know me, my name is Tony Sangialosi. I’m an addicted bowhunter and professional tinkerer. I started shooting a bow years ago when my youngest daughter came home from an after-school program and learned there. Soon after she wanted one from Santa, and I got one too. After the first shot, I was addicted to the arrow. I’m also a head instructor at a Mixed Martial Arts gym. 

My wife’s name is Monique. She works for an adoption agency and we’ve known each other since middle school. 

My daughters are Bella and Bryanna. Bella is going to be a Sophomore (2022) and Bryanna will be a Freshman in College (2022)

We have a dog Duke and a Cat Tink. We enjoy lounging at the pool, traveling together, and food! 

You’ll find us in church every Sunday and making time for each other during our busy lives during the week.

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