Why the Right Rest Can Make or Break Your Shot: Ditch the Whisker Biscuit and Go Drop Away

Why You Should Use a Drop Away Rest over a Whisker Biscuit for Your Compound Bow

If you’re a bowhunter, you know that even the smallest upgrade or tweak can make a big difference in your performance. When it comes to rests, there are two main options: the whisker biscuit and the drop away rest. While the whisker biscuit is often seen as a beginner’s rest, experienced archers know that a drop away rest is the superior choice. Later on, we will discuss where we feel the WB is most beneficial for the bowhunter. Until then, here’s why we feel the Drop Away is the way to go.

Increased Accuracy One of the biggest advantages of using a drop away rest is increased accuracy. With a whisker biscuit, the arrow is held in place by a bristle brush, which can result in inconsistencies in arrow flight and accuracy. In contrast, a drop away rest completely clears the arrow’s path, eliminating any chance of interference and allowing for maximum accuracy.

Greater Clearance is another area where a drop away rest has the advantage. Since the rest drops away completely when the arrow is fired, there’s no interference or friction between the arrow and the rest. This can lead to greater accuracy and consistency, especially over longer shooting distances.

Improved Arrow Speed A drop away rest can also be beneficial for those who want to maximize arrow speed. With a whisker biscuit, the arrow is held in place and slowed down by the bristles. A drop away rest, on the other hand, allows for a smooth, unimpeded launch that can help to increase arrow speed and improve penetration.

Better Tuning Options Tuning your bow is essential for achieving the best possible performance, and a drop away rest can offer more adjustability than a whisker biscuit. With a drop away rest, you can tweak the timing, tension, and other variables to achieve the perfect tune for your bow, resulting in more consistent accuracy and better overall performance. We use Hamskea and AAE personally due to their adjustability. Having a micro tune knob is very helpful. When making adjustments on your rest, they’re very very small adjustments. Unlike your sight, a little adjustments go along way. You can look at the Hamskea and AAE Rests here https://www.hamskeaarchery.com/product-category/arrow-rests/ https://arizonaarchery.com/product-category/arrow-rests/

There are times when a WB comes in handy. A beginner archer or kid would greatly benefit from a WB. Not having to worry about the arrow falling off is a huge benefit. It’s 1 less thing that a new archer has to worry about. Another time its beneficial is when the hunter is spot and stalking while hunting. A lot of the newer drop aways will come with a full containment cage essentially surrounding the arrow, but again if you don’t want to worry about it then the WB is perfect for you.

Overall, a drop away rest trumps a whisker biscuit in nearly every area. Greater accuracy and clearance, improved arrow speed, and better tuning options make it a clear choice for serious archers who want to maximize their performance. So, if you’re looking to take your compound bow archery game to the next level, consider investing in a top-quality drop away rest today. If you have any questions regarding rests, feel free to reach out on any social media outlet or simply message us from our website http://drawnarchery.co

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