Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore: When to Change Your Bowstrings From Expert String Builder

Knowing When to Change Your Compound Bowstrings

Compound bowstrings are a vital component of any archer’s equipment, playing a crucial role in accuracy, performance, and safety. Over time, these strings can wear out due to various factors, impacting their effectiveness. We are hard on our strings, as we should be. From hunting, tuning, 3D Competitions, dragging our bow through all the elements etc. Then for some, we leave it hang all winter and most of the spring and summer until we are ready to bring it out again (dont be this person haha) .In this blog post, we will explore the signs that indicate it’s time to change your compound bowstrings.

Here are some things you should do regularly to ensure your bowstrings are in optimal shape.

  1. Regular Inspection:

Performing regular inspections of your compound bowstrings is crucial. Look for signs of wear, fraying, or damage, especially around the center serving, loops, and end servings. If you notice any issues, it may be time to replace your bowstrings.

  1. String Stretch:

One of the most common reasons to change compound bowstrings is excessive stretching. Over time, the fibers in the strings can lose their elasticity, resulting in decreased accuracy and consistency in shot placement. If you find yourself constantly adjusting your sights, it could be a sign that your bowstrings need replacing. I would recommend you check the timing on your bow a couple times a year.

  1. Visible Fraying or Damage:

Fraying or damage isn’t a clear indication that it’s time to change your compound bowstrings. When the fibers start to fray, all this means is there is internal and external abrasions in the fiber. This isn’t a clear indication of a replacement, just to be honest. What I would look for though is any fibers that have been actually cut. Regardless of if you buy your strings from us, or someone else, we still recommend you replace your strings every year. We need to look at our bows like we would a high performance sports car. This is a high performing piece of equipment that in most cases is going to take a life of an animal. We must demand the highest performance out of it. For me, 140$ a year to ensure my bow is maintained is a fair deal

  1. Inconsistent Arrows:

Experiencing inconsistent arrow grouping or erratic shot patterns can signal that your bowstrings are no longer performing optimally. When the strings become worn, they may not provide the required energy transfer and tension, resulting in inconsistent arrow flight. Changing your bowstrings can help restore accuracy and consistency.

  1. Timing Based on Usage:

As we discussed earlier, we recommend every year. Your strings could probably last a couple, with maybe a yearly center serving swap, but for the investment amount, its a no brainer. Even before owning the string company, this was a practice that my mentor, friends and I all practiced.

  1. Extreme Temperatures and Environmental Factors:

Environmental conditions can significantly impact the lifespan of your compound bowstrings. Extreme temperature fluctuations, excessive exposure to moisture, and UV rays can degrade the integrity of the strings over time. Pay attention to any signs of wear or degradation caused by environmental factors and replace the bowstrings if necessary. We specifically pay extra for our fiber that has LOW WAX. What does wax do when it gets hot? I melts. Well, if its heavily in your strings, this will cause elongation in your fiber. A big no no.

The condition of your compound bowstrings directly affects your shooting accuracy, consistency, and overall archery experience. Regularly inspecting your bowstrings, watching for signs of wear, damage, or inconsistencies, and understanding the impact of environmental factors and usage patterns are key to determining when to change your compound bowstrings. By promptly replacing worn or damaged strings, you can ensure optimal performance, safety, and enjoyment every time you step onto the archery range or head into the field. As always, if you have any questions feel free to shoot us a call, text, email, or DM on any social media platform!

-Tony Sangialosi Owner Drawn Archery

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