Is your Compound Bow too Slow? Owner of 33OH Archery gives you the inside scoop. Will a new Bow String Help?

Is your Bow too slow? The short answer is NO. The Indians didn’t have a Chronograph I can assure you! The technology on the current bows is absolutely incredible. Some say we have reached the end, and that we will not see any faster speeds than what we are seeing now. Then out of nowhere a ground breaking technology comes out and we reach a new pinnacle in Archery.

We are strictly talking about the Compound Bow here. Is your Bow still too slow? Well, it depends what you do with it. The Engineers in our current Bow Manufacturers have come so far that I would consider alot of these bows “High Performance Sports Cars” in comparison. Super smooth draws, Quiet, FAST, are just some of the ways I would describe the current bows.

When you own something that is as efficient as a Compound Bow, why are we still neglecting the most important part, THE STRING! Would you put used oil in a Ferrari? Used Tires on a Bentley? Would you not do a Tune-Up and change the Spark Plugs on a GTR? The answer should be NOOOOOOO!

A high quality String will do a lot as far as performance on your Bow. Most importantly it will keep your cams turning over equally to ensure you have peak performance every single shot. Once the bow is timed, the high quality fiber has already been stretched at 350lbs. Our building process doesn’t involve just a static stretch. Its continually cycled to replicated your bow shooting. Break in periods don’t exist.

Building the Bowstring to specific specs is another reason for either increased or decreased speeds. The strings leave with the exact length that they do when a bow is built to ensure you’re reaching the speeds your bow is supposed to reach. Our quality control is the most important part of our build here at If a Cable or String comes out of the stretcher even a 1/4 inch off, your bow will not perform at max potential. If its too short, taking more than a couple twists out changes the tension. A string or cable coming out too long, and having to add too many twists can cause the fiber to bunch up, again causing performance issues.

New bowstrings can potentially make your bow shoot faster in a few ways:

  1. Reduced Friction: Over time, bowstrings can become worn, frayed, or damaged, which can increase friction between the string and the bow’s limbs. Friction can cause energy to be lost during the bowstring’s travel, which can reduce the speed of the shot. A new bowstring made of high-quality materials can have a smoother surface and reduce friction, allowing for more energy to be transferred to the arrow, resulting in a faster shot.
  2. Reduced Stretch: As bowstrings are used over time, they can stretch and become less efficient at transferring energy from the bow to the arrow. A new bowstring made of modern materials like Dyneema or Vectran can have less stretch and be more efficient at transferring energy, resulting in a faster shot.
  3. Improved Fit: A custom-made bowstring that fits your bow perfectly can improve its performance. A poorly fitting bowstring can cause inconsistent shooting, which can reduce the speed and accuracy of the shot. A new bowstring that is correctly sized and fitted can reduce the amount of energy lost during the bowstring’s travel, resulting in a faster shot. A short or longer string or cable can really effect performance
  4. Nock Fit on your Center Serving is INCREDIBLY under looked and talked about. Communicating to while placing your order is key to ensure the nock doesn’t stay on your string too long during the shot process.

As always, we encourage you to learn your bow. Learn how it works and functions. Learn what each part does. Learn how to press your bow and install the strings. Learn how to install your sight and check all the axis. Learn how to tie in a D-Loop. Learn how to tune your bow. This way when something goes wrong you can easily identify it, and know how to fix it. A local shop is a great place to start. Ask questions, and dig in!

Visit us at for more info on Bowstrings. You can also reach us on ANY social media platform, and speak directly to the Founder/Owner of 33OH Archery directly. Get out there and SHOOT!

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