5 Reasons why we chose to add Bloodline Bowstrings to 33OH Archery

Bloodline Fiber? What is it, and what is all the hype about? FIRST, we need to explain a little more about 33OH Archery so you can understand why we made the selection.

We never wanted to have different packages when it came to bowstrings. We ONLY offered 452x from BCY on http://drawnarchery.co. We know this is the tried and true material that every bowstring has ever been compared to. Many have been developed throughout the years, some are still here and some are gone. Then along came BLOODLINE BOWSTRING FIBER.

Choice is good. Competition is even better. it bring the level of intensity up between different brands. This is how we evolve. This is how new products are formed. This is how the best products become even better. If there was only 1 brand and monopolized, we as humans are stagnant. Things become boring. When we launched, we wanted to come out of the gate with the absolute BEST Material we could get our hands on. We did just that. So where does Bloodline come into play?

Bloodline bowstring is a high-performance bowstring material that is designed to meet the demands of modern archery. Here are some of the reasons why Bloodline bowstring is considered a good choice for archers:

  1. Durability: Bloodline bowstring is made from high-quality synthetic fibers that are designed to be extremely durable and long-lasting. This makes it well-suited to the stresses and strains of shooting a bow, and ensures that it will hold up well over time.
  2. Consistency: Bloodline bowstring is manufactured to tight tolerances, which ensures that each strand of fiber has the same strength and properties. This consistency helps to improve shot accuracy and reliability, and ensures that each shot feels the same as the last.
  3. Low Stretch: Bloodline bowstring has a low stretch rate, which means that it doesn’t elongate as much as other bowstring materials when under tension. This allows for faster arrow speeds and improved energy transfer, which can help to increase accuracy and power.
  4. Minimal Creep: Creep is the tendency of a bowstring to stretch over time, causing changes in draw length and weight. Bloodline bowstring is designed to have minimal creep, which helps to maintain consistent shooting characteristics over the life of the bowstring.
  5. Noise Reduction: Bloodline bowstring is also known for its ability to dampen noise and vibration during the shot. This helps to create a smoother, quieter shooting experience, which is particularly important for hunters and competitive archers.

Overall, Bloodline bowstring is a high-performance material that offers a range of benefits for archers. Its combination of durability, consistency, low stretch, minimal creep, and noise reduction make it a popular choice for bowstring manufacturers and archers alike. You can find this on our website at http://drawnarchery.co

So what material is best for me? Should I choose 452x or Bloodline? We suggest you do your research like with any purchase you make. What we cared most about is that we stocked the best of the best for you, the bowhunter. We personally have both installed on our bows.

Find out why 33OH Archery added Bloodline Fiber to their lineup!

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